What is YOUnited?

YOUnited is Gaming & Betting Platform based on the principles of fairness within a blockchain environment using its own UNTD tokens. With its own gaming protocol, the very essence of YOUnited is the idea that a player competes against other players, not against the house resulting in the fact that every single game has a winner(s) among the players while playing his/her favorite games.

YOUnited is thus turning the classic (online) casino inside out by creating a truly fair gaming and betting system negating the role of the house. Since there is no house, there is zero house edge.

The probability to win any game is 1 to the number of players participating in the given game. As a result, it gives each player higher and fair chances to win.

Why was YOUnited created?

It is based on the zero house-edge principle, a provably fair algorithm, and the principle of 100% returns to players combined with blockchain technology which moreover offers transparency, anonymity, instant payouts, minimum withdrawal fees, and other benefits, which the classic gaming industry doesn’t provide.

To allow its players to always win without any casino interactions or manipulations. The whole gaming ecosystem is based on the idea that a player competes against other players, not against the house resulting in the fact that every single game has a winner(s) among the players.

How is the transparency and fairness guaranteed?

YOUnited delivers maximum transparency due to its advanced and decentralized blockchain technology. All the transactions are executed through smart contracts that replace the position of house/casino and substantially reduces fees. YOUnited player’s deposits are immutably recorded and smart contracts prevent any house control over them.

All of our games are blockchain integrated

In addition, YOUnited protocol uses a unique random number generator hence each YOUnited player enters the game with specific RNG. The game result is known after the last player's RNG input.

Why using own native chain instead of ERC20?

Specific technical parameters of blockchain based on Graphene provide space for modularity and high scalability over upper as well as lower layers of the blockchain with the goal to adapt the blockchain to the needs and requirements of the YOUnited platform. It’s faster, safer, cheaper, transparent and makes the platform completely decentralized. For all the tech enthusiasts, please go to our whitepaper

Who are the competitors and how is YOUnited different?

Although there are numbers of traditional betting online platforms, YOUnited is bringing into the industry revolutionary approach benefiting to all its users. For detail comparison of YOUnited, other blockchain casinos and standard casinos, refer to our onepager and whitepaper.

What experiences will YOUnited offer?

Apart from YOUnited blockchain, there will be lotteries, quick and skill games, sports betting, casino games but it will also offer a platform for other operators.

What languages are supported?

During the first rollout, we are using English.

Where can I find more info about the YOUnited and its team?

All main info is visible either on the website younited.io or you can access our onepager and whitepaper for further details.

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