How to purchase YOUnited coins?

You can purchase UNTD coins only through our platform .

Accepted cryptocurrencies are BTC, ETH and LTC. Fiat payments in USD will be accepted from June 2019, in value over 10.000 USD only. All USD payments will be processed individually to fulfill the KYC and AML compliance.. Avoid any offers to buy our coins from external sources or direct messages on social media as these are scams.

When will the UNTD coins be distributed?

Purchased UNTD coins will be distributed to all participants wallets in Q4 2019 via automated smart contract into your provided UNTD wallet address.

All participants will also receive an email displaying further details.

What information is required from me for registering through KYC/AML process?

For your registration, you will need basic info such as your email address and country. For participants who wish to purchase coins worth up to $10,000, further KYC will be requested by providing a scan of their passport/driving license/ID and proof of address. KYC process approval is quick, within 2 business days. For more information go to our privacy policy.

What security measures are offered during the process?

Once you register your account, our 01AUTH server will offer a two-factor authentication: email, sms, TOTP (e.g. QR code), U2F (Trezor, Youbi Key), device fingerprint (kind of 2FA) implemented as a barrier. It also includes KYC, AML and CTF verifications.

Any potential attacker would need to have several devices such as a mobile phone, access to email, Trezor (private key) of the user at disposal in order to be able to gain access and the process of signing-in into the account would have to manifest the same signs of a standard user’s pattern (fingerprint setup like change of country of signing in, IP, browser etc.)

Scanning QR code

If you are having any trouble scanning QR code and finishing your payment please use the copy link button manually. 

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