What is the purpose of UNTD coin?

UNTD coin powers the whole YOUnited betting & gaming ecosystem on our own native UNTD blockchain customized to minimize all operational costs. It is the playing chip used for placing bets and paying game entries, as well as for the prize pool and affiliate program payouts. UNTD coin is the fuel that makes the whole YOUnited ecosystem sustainable.

How many coins will be sold to the public?

1,470,000,000 coins is offered for public. The sale is executed in 3 stages:

Private presale: + bonus 100% free coins
(limited supply of 80 000 000 UNTD)

Public presale: + bonus 80% free coins
(limited supply of 160 000 000 UNTD)

Public sale: + bonus up to 40% free coins

What is the total supply of coins?

The total supply is set on 2,100,000,000 UNTD coins. For more details regarding tokenomics refer to our main page or whitepaper.

What will happen to unsold coins?

All unsold coins will be burned after the ICO ends.

Will any of the sold coins be locked and if for how long?

Yes, bonus coins will be locked for 6 months after the exchange listing.

Will any of the team coins be locked?

Yes, team coins are locked for the period of one year after the exchange listing. After that half of them will be released and all the remaining coins will be released after the second year. Bonus coins obtained during ICO stages are locked for the period of six months after exchange listing.

Is there any individual max cap?

Yes, one single user can purchase up to 8% of the coins sold to the public. The reason for this is due to the elimination of market price power and manipulation to support market fairness. This will be also supported by the locking of team and bonus coins in order to limit the circulating supply.

Is there any benefit in buying the coins sooner during presale?

Yes, there is limited time and quantity offer during each sale stage with a bonus of free coins. Early purchasers will also obtain Lotto tickets to participate in our first ‘marathon’ with chances to win 10 000 000 worth of coins. For more information, refer to our gaming page

How does the Lotto ticket received in presale work?

Lottery Marathon is a promotional contest in which players can try out and test our first type from many lotteries we are preparing and win fantastic prizes.

The start will be in 7 days upon registration of 5000 members on the YOUnited platform and will run for 30 days, 2 Lotto draws per day.

The actual Lotto prize will be calculated as follows = 100 points x the number of submitted tickets.

The winning points from each draw will be recorded, collected and the actual score will be displayed on the ranking list.

After the Marathon ends, the main prize of 10 Million UNTD coins will be split proportionally to points collected, and winners will be announced. Coins will be displayed in players accounts and locked until official coin distribution.

Lotto rules:

  • A player fills in 5 numbers from 1-49 or random
  • A player can enter each draw with an unlimited number of tickets available at that time.
  • The draw continues until at least one of the tickets matches the winning numbers
  • The winner gets all the points / more winners will split the points equally

How do I get Lottery Marathon tickets?

  • YOU get 10 Marathon tickets upon registration and can use them in any Marathon draw
  • YOU get 10 tickets for each new verified member you bring.
  • YOU get 10 tickets for every $100 investment during private pre-sale (for $500 = 50 tickets)

Where can I find more details about the YOUnited blockchain and UNTD coin?

For all the tech enthusiasts, please go to our whitepaper.

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